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Q & A

Where are your leads coming from?

Our leads are generated from numerous online marketing efforts. In addition, we also receive leads through:

  • Affiliates
  • Search Engines
  • Banner Ads
  • 1-800 Ads
  • Our partnerships with a large volume of web sites continuously route leads to our database

What do your leads cost?

We do not sell individual leads. What you pay for is access to our Broker Portals, Marketing Tools, and Marketing Credits. There are several different programs available, contact one of our reps for more information.

How will I receive my leads?

Your leads will be pushed directly to your Broker Portal.

I dont have a Broker Portal.. Can I still receive leads through Hype Leads?

No. Every marketing program requires an active Broker Portal.

Are the leads real-time?

Our website and many of our contracted partnerships with a large volume of web sites continuously route “real-time” information requests to our database 24/7/365 where quality assurance testing, including live call center telephone verification procedures, are implemented and filters are applied to ensure the highest quality lead possible; delivered to you via email usually within minutes of the info request being submitted by the consumer.

How are my Marketing Credits used?

The real estate market varies from city to city. The marketing methods in Atlanta may not work the same in New York or Los Angeles. Your Hype Leads consultant will review your particular situation and the real estate market in your geographical area to determine how to best spend your marketing credits to produce the most amount of leads as possible.

Can we choose our own leads?

No, you will not be able to hand pick your own leads. However, you will receive the leads that meet the criteria you have selected. These leads will be automatically routed to you, so in a sense you are choosing the leads you want.

I inquired about Hype Leads and you said it is “Sold Out” in my area.. What does that mean? 

Hype Leads uses strategic marketing campaigns to attract as many leads as possible. While we love partnering with new brokers, and would love to partner with every broker in your city, that is not possible. Our goal is to partner with a few select brokers in each city to create a successful marketing partnership. We do not want to create a conflict of interest by partnering with two brokers who are in competition for the same business.

Is it possible for me to “Buy Out” my geographical area so that I am the only broker who uses Hype Leads?

Yes, that is possible. Please speak with your Hype Leads consultant to get more information.

As a lead Provider is Hype Leads ™ responsible for compliance with the Do-Not-Call laws?

No. You, as the person who is actually calling the consumer to sell your services, are responsible for compliance with the Do-Not-Call laws. Hype Leads ™, despite our efforts to ensure our leads are within Do-Not-Call legal guidelines, cannot legally stand in your place and absolve you from your responsibility to be in compliance with the law. State and federal Do-Not-Call registries exist to prevent unsolicited telemarketing calls, not calls from persons who have asked to be contacted. Under Federal rules (and most all states), “safe harbors” exist to allow a consumer to expressly grant permission to be contacted even though they have registered their phone number with a state or federal Do-Not-Call registry. A consumer submitting a Quote Request via the internet to Hype Leads ™ is granting permission to be contacted and under safe harbor rules they may be contacted up to 90 days after they submitted the permissive contact Quote Request. We, along with those affiliates contracted with us, take extraordinary steps to ensure the consumer knows and understands that by submitting their Quote Request they are granting express permission to be contacted by one or more brokers or lenders signed up with us, even if they are registered on a Do-Not-Call registry. We also provide to the consumer a list of all brokers and lenders subscribing to our service who may be contacting them. Finally we record the date, time and IP address for all Quote Requests received by us and can make such data available to you should you need to show when and from where permission to be contacted occurred. NEVERTHELESS, and despite our extraordinary efforts, current law holds you, the caller (telemarketer) responsible to comply with the Do-Not-Call rules. THEREFORE, if you are unsure about your exposure to fines under the Do-Not-Call laws, we recommend that you work with your independent counsel to develop and implement a compliance plan for your business.