Boost Your Home Loans

Introducing the HOOP Program™! Amplify the results of your home loan marketing strategies with our custom MLS x CRM tool for lenders. We track and monitor your clients in real time to discover who is actively in the market for a home loan.

Did You Know


of People Search For Homes Online


Don't Shop Around For a Lender


Plan to Put More Than 20% Down


of Millennials Plan to Buy a Home

How many of your bank customers are actively searching for a home?

Most banks have no idea which of their banking customers are in the market for a home…

What if you knew which customers were shopping for a home?

What if you knew what area and price range your customers were looking to buy?

Offer your clients an item of value

The ultimate home search tool!

Monetize Your Customer Data

Convert your banking customers into home loan customers.

Introducing the HOOP Program™

A lead generation tool for banks and lenders.


MLS Search Tool

Offer your clients a modern and easy-to-use MLS home search tool!

Custom URL

We will create a custom URL specifically for your bank. Your custom URL allows you the opportunity to share this with your clients and build a targeted database of home buyers.

Custom Landing Page

Your custom landing page will be branded with your bank’s logo, contact information,  custom graphic elements, and live MLS search widget!

Home Search Analytics

Identify the most promising home loan opportunities with our custom home search analytics and lead tracking features.

Lead Capture / CRM

Capture new leads and stay in touch with using our built in lead capture forms and CRM tools.

Custom Branded MLS

How Does It Work?


MLS Search Tool

The user performs a search on your landing page.


Property Search

Search results are displayed immediately.


Property Search

Once the user clicks on a specific property, the lead capture form collects their info.


New Lead

Once the user fills out the form, they will now appear as a lead in your CRM dashboard.


Monitor Search Activity

Monitor and track your leads home search activity in Real-Time.


Property Inquiry

View all property inquiries and engage with your leads directly from the CRM Dashboard.


Lead Engagement

Send emails and text messages to your leads directly from the CRM Dashboard.


Schedule Follow Up

Schedule follow-ups and track your activity with each lead. Stay on top of your leads with the follow-up tool.


Grow Your Database

The largest database wins! Identify the key home loan opportunities from your current client list and grow your targeted database of home buyers.

Offer This Tool to Existing Clients

Utilize This Tool to Generate New Leads

Build a database of homebuyers

Benefits to Banks & Lenders

    • Engage with your leads

    • View what properties your leads have viewed

    • View their “Favorite” properties

    • How often they are logging in

    • Identify hot home loan opportunities

      • Keep notes on past communication

      • View leads “Saved Searches”

      • Schedule Follow-Ups

      • Your Realtor partner can view the leads activity and offer real estate advice.

      • Monetize your client data

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