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For over a decade we’ve delivered branding strategies, marketing campaigns, and web development to some of the world’s most well known BRANDS. With a squad of creative partners, we have curated some amazing results for our clients across multiple industries.

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Our Strategy and Consulting service empowers you to navigate complex challenges with expert guidance, unlocking new avenues for growth and success.

Web & Mobile Development

Our team excels in creating captivating web experiences tailored to your unique needs, ensuring your online presence leaves a lasting impression.

Digital Marketing

Elevate your brand with our strategic digital marketing solutions, designed to propel your online presence and drive results in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

ChatGPT / API Integrations

Unlock the potential of ChatGPT and AI with our expertise, enhancing communication and decision-making processes through advanced artificial intelligence.


Web3 | NFT | DeFi

We specialize in navigating the exciting worlds of Web3, NFTs, and DeFi, harnessing cutting-edge technology to shape the future of digital finance.


Social Networks – Community Apps

Your network. Your community. Your Platform. Hype Leads develops social networks, dating apps, and other online communities.




AI / ML / Big Data

Unlock the potential of AI, ML, and Big Data with our expertise. In today’s data-driven world, we specialize in harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to extract valuable insights from vast datasets. Whether you’re looking to optimize processes, make data-driven decisions, or uncover hidden opportunities, our solutions are tailored to help you leverage the full potential of your data. Transform your information into actionable intelligence with our AI, ML, and Big Data services

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Hype Leads is a fully integrated design agency with an in-house team to work with you to create a web and marketing strategy that produces an ROI (return on investment) and ROO (Return on Opportunity).